My name is Felicia Drouillard, I am the owner of Reawaken. During my practice as a massage therapist a spiritual side took a tool. Practicing so many modalities and healing during my years of experience I always absorbed and maintained  positive energy around me. I have  always maintained a positive clear mindset without being to familiar with healing energy forces. I've then continued my education as a Certified Reiki Healer and studied Crystal healing. My hobbies are practicing Yoga, Meditating, Connecting with my crystals, and dancing.

Reawaken invites you to meet your true-self. Reawaken sends high vibrations for healing, relaxation, enlightenment, and happiness.

EST. 2019, The owner of Reawaken Felicia Drouillard has been a Massage Therapist since 2008.Felicia received her education from Sanford Brown Institute completing 960 hours.  Felicia currently provides services such as Energy Flow, Swedish Massage, Specializing in Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point. Taking continuing education courses to stay current with healing techniques and benefits. Felicia believes in self-care receiving massages, practicing yoga, and meditation. Also enjoying the healing benefits of nature which involve hiking, nature sounds, and crystal healing Felicia is working towards bringing these healing practices and events to her clients.